Founded in 2012, our company began with a singular goal: create distinct experiences. From our inception, we have continued to focus on delivering high quality content to our clients.

We began by offering basic video and photography in Indianapolis. Today, our scope has broadened to include marketing consultation and live event production, but the goal remains the same. Create. Distinct. Experiences.

Here's what that means to us.


From your first piece of refrigerator artwork to your signature chili recipe (we've got a mean one), you understand the magic and reward that comes with creating something new. We do, too. 


Why does so much time go into finding an outfit that no one else has? Because it is distinct, and that makes you stand out. That's why we strive to make our work distinctive, so you can take pride in knowing no one else will ever have what we made for you.


Whether we launch a new promotional video on your website that really pops, or keep your guests grooving at your wedding reception, you want to have memorable experiences. They last a long time, and you only have one shot for a good experience. We ensure that whatever experience you'd like to have is achieved.

Our approach revolves around marrying those three key parts of our goal. We begin and end each project with that in mind, which ultimately makes you happy.

We started this company to express ourselves in ways that fulfill our passion. We continue to do this each day.

Welcome to Hibachi Studios.

Vincent Truman Holloway


The "Hibachi"


From Japanese, the word Hibachi means "fire bowl". The fundamental design is a round bowl with a heat-proof material to hold burning charcoal. When it was created, the Japanese had originally used it as a heating source, but through the years, it's use has evolved. Some records indicate it was used as a cigarette lighter, and later as a portable stove for soldiers.

Form meeting function

When first created, the Japanese used wood lined with clay for these devices because of the lack of available metal to them. Over time, they began making stronger iterations of the hibachi, later beginning to decorate them with intricate designs and embellishments.

We at Hibachi Studios draw our methods from the history of the hibachi itself. Make something good, first, and then improve on it. Once it's great, then add the things that make it really distinct. We believe in making our work strong and beautiful, and think that those two goals can be achieved simultaneously.