Between Stops Interview Series / by Vincent Holloway

Indiana University Bloomington likes to talk to their students. Of course they would, their students rock and have a lot of great experiences to share. IUB wants to capture some great interviews with interesting students to broadcast to its constituents and show how great the university is. 

There's one problem.

The documentary-style sit down with Joe University and Jane College have been done. A lot. To the point that no one wants to watch the same type of video every six months of a new student being interviewed in the same way, in front of the same backdrop, etc.

Enter "Between Stops", a fun late night style interview series with distinct students on a not-so-iconic location, but relevant nonetheless to students. The "studio audience" are students who are catching their 10-minute bus ride to class, only to stumble upon a live interview, with a "live studio band" and an enthusiastic host/interviewer.

The team created something that not only achieved the goals of the university, but also gave a new twist to the played-out style of Q&A that college students often do.

This project was created and distributed through the IU Division of Student Affairs Media Team. We served as part of the team as producer and technical team.